Next-gen controller for a smoother computing experience

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2016
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The video animations are pretty endearing. Nice work!
@pddro made with and animated by our good friends @ illo.tv! They rock!
thanks @pddro - and thanks @criptosays ;) - I'm the founder of ILLO, the studio that made the video. We were thrilled to work for such an inspiring product!
Seems interesting. Any plans or thoughts on bringing it to @Android platform as well?
Thanks for the enquiry @pmlonglamoureux, absolutely! We have no ETA yet, but we'll start working on it pretty soon. ;)
Hi guys here the creator of Quadro, so glad to see Quadro on PH! I'm an avid PH user so it's truly an honour. We built Quadro with the goal of finding a more apt way to interact productively with our computers today. The GUI and its metaphors have been great for getting people in the 80s, who never seen a computer, to use computers, with a few applications. (and no cool touchable devices around LOL) Today we have very complex applications with infinite menus, we do a lot of different activities, on many different apps and platforms, each of us with different styles, but we keep referring to a paradigm which has no regard of our personal use of the application, and misses the opportunity to develop our productivity and FLOW (most importantly, productivity is actually the result). This is where we started, but we found a lot more to it. Quadro is not just a natural and direct way to impart commands to applications (instead of your usual "trips" to the menu), but also a workflow manager and "robot" (you can automate anything you like, also cross-application), which let you create your interactive experience tailored to your personal use. Wasn't it called "personal computing" after all, right? ;) In Quadro you can create "Palettes", which are your interfaces, that can include anything related to your task/application, and not anything the software can offer. If you usually switch from safari to evernote for instance, you can create a pad to do this on your Evernote palette, and vice-versa. Or if you use Photoshop, in the same interactive environment you can access Photoshop commands, but also an automated search for stock images, or a bookmark to a Photoshop user forum you frequent, or tutorials, or a pad which open the Finder folder you keep your design work in. This creates a rare (in working with computers) sense of flow, and more you refine the interface around your personal experience, the more you save time and frustration. And we already know how to make this process much easier and automatic along the way. What you see now it's just a framework for what's next, a very early stage of the final product vision. We know it's not perfect and have (I'll take the risk to say) incredible ideas to keep this new paradigm further, but we have lots of daily conversations with users to check we are taking the right paths. So, shoot and obviously AMA! :)
Been playing with this for a couple of days now and it's been pretty useful. I still haven't tapped into all of the features but I can see this totally increasing my productivity.
I love it, I will definitely be using this! Is there any way to add custom gestures? I find myself instinctively trying to scroll by swiping up / down like on a trackpad while using the Chrome preset. I think it'd be more convenient than opening the keyboard view to scroll down a web page.
@justindeguzman_ Thanks for your request Justin! Custom gesture will be added in the future, but we'll also feature another function to fill that gap. ;)