Personal relationship manager (calls, texts, WhatsApp, FB)

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Hi Product Hunters. This is something that we've been working on for quite a while, and we think the MVP is just about ready to share. We’re really excited about where this is, but even more excited about where it could go. Would love your feedback on this and what improvements you could suggest. Do you get the feeling that we're very well connected, but not as much in touch, especially with the people that we care about? You're not alone. This phenomenon even has a name: "alone together". The more connections we have, the less time we have for each connection. Invariably those most important to us get drowned out, especially if they live away from you. It shouldn't be that way. Touch'd is like a personal assistant. You "choose" a bunch of friends and set your frequency of interaction with them by putting them in frequency brackets (days, weeks, months, quarters etc.) and tell the app to make sure you maintain your relationships with them. It's then the app's responsibility to remind you when it's been a while, and especially if there's an opportune event to get back in touch. Touch’d learns from your interactions over phone calls, text, WhatsApp messages, email (coming soon) and social media interactions and uses it to measure your relationship health with your an inner circle of chosen friends. It then tries to match your relationship health with opportunity information such as when someone is visiting from out of town, or there's a social event coming up, and then suggests the top contacts to reach out to every day, twice a day (like brushing your teeth). It's the only 'personal relationship manager' out there that: 1. Gives you one view to see when was the last time you interacted with anyone and how. 2. Learns from your interactions across calls, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email (coming soon) and LinkedIn (coming soon) 3. Proactively suggests the top contacts to reach out to based on your relationship health with the person, recent interactions and social events. 4. Takes geographic and timezone difference into account when suggesting touch-base reminders (in coming update next week). It's a work in progress. Do give it a spin. The onboarding is not idea, but we're here to answer any questions you may have! It’s Android-only for now, but iOS version is in the works. Stay Touch'd :)
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@mohammadmansur I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOREVER!!! - All of my closest friends are spread out all over the world, and we are all extremely busy. And I am not the best at staying connected with people when they are not in front of me... so this is going to make those long distance relationships so much easier to manage!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
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@jessica_michelle_hollinger Thanks Jessica! You're going to love our next update (currently testing). It honors time-zone differences and sociable hours to suggest the appropriate time to reach out to distant friends and family.
@mohammadmansur I have always wanted this! Thank you for making it. Good luck to you guys!
Not sure I understand this completely. There are already so many places people go and visit on their phones/computers etc with links to friends, family and acquaintances - what is the actual value of telling me I haven't text @andrewett for two weeks? If I don't have something to message someone about, then I don't message them. So many notifications coming from so many different directions for everyone, a forced 'hi' from me wouldnt be great haha.
@bentossell @andrewett I know what you mean. In such cases you simply cross away the notification and we learn not to remind you about the person for a while. Repeatedly crossing away would drop him/her down in priority. In
@bentossell @andrewett the problem we're solving is that we're very well connected, but not really in touch with the MOST important people in our lives. So you choose who you want to add to this 'inner circle'. It's only those that we'd remind you to get back in touch with.
@bentossell for me, this would be some old friends who're geographically dispersed. Out of sight, out of mind. I get so busy with everyday crap that sometimes it's many months since we even say hi. We like to think otherwise, but relationships wither and decay if not looked after. I don't want that to happen with some people. That's my motivation to use Touch'd
@mohammadmansur friendships come and go and you'll find a lot of people saying if you can count the number of true friends on one hand then you are extremely lucky. These days we are full of internet-friends and acquaintances. I have 2 best mates, one I speak to most days, the other - we speak a handful of times a year. Both relationships are as strong. I dont think that a nudge to say hi every now and then actually makes it more valuable to the relationship. I'm a firm believer in that your closest friends will be ones that you dont have to remind yourself about.
@bentossell so the theory is, you have expanding circle of friends. and each have their role. Everyone has an intimate circle of 5 (average) friends. Then you have a slightly bigger support group of 15. Then there are close friends and family around 50. People outside this are acquaintances, circles of 150, 500 and then 1500 people that you barely recall names of. Touch'd is ideal for the 15-150 circles. These are people that you care about but who you don't always have top of mind. Give it a shot, just the process of picking your top 15-50 would be an interesting exercise, I promise you :)
This looks fantastic! Do you have a timeline for bringing it to iOS?
@tombielecki I'm afraid it's at least three months away. Please do sign up for the iOS beta on our website so you get notified.
@tombielecki This may (hopefully) change if we secure funding quickly (we're currently fundraising) and scale up our team.
@mohammadmansur I'll tell you my use case. I'm engaged, and trying to reconnect with friends and family that I have been out of touch with for a while. Having a systematic way like this would be fantastic!
@tombielecki there's no better feeling for a founder than to hear first hand stories of how your product is affecting people's lives for the better, and I hope I get to hear that from you. I'll make sure we bring this to iOS quick, I promise you this.
... I'm a fan 😊
@as_austin thanks! Good to know we're not putting all this effort solving a problem that doesn't need to be solved. Do try it out and keep giving us feedback now matter how harsh. We listen and we learn.
Awesome idea. Been looking for something like this. Checking it out (add some details here!)
I was supposed to be a cofounder in the venture, but didn't really believe they'd go this far. I'm still a supporter though!
@muhammad_javeed you're welcome to join back any time, I'm sure you and @waqqasjabbar can coexist :D
@mohammadmansur Looks like I have to think again :)