ToT: ThisOrThat

Let your friends choose this or that for you

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Thanks Jean, appreciate it!
Could be used for playing the "would you rather" game. 😁
@rrhoover yea sure 😀 would be glad if you sign up
I liked the simple design and because it is a simple question to make :)
Hi everyone, I just want to briefly explain what ToT: ThisOrThat is and why we make this product. ToT: ThisOrThat is a social media app that lets you ask and respond to any ‘This or That’ question asked by your friends or any users worldwide. If you have 2 choices and no idea or want answers for a though choice; let your friends, family and followers help you. It is so easy to use; You can just browse and double-tap to vote, or use ToTs to make better choices easily; 1) Upload your two options, by using your camera or photo library. 2) Write down your question and names of your choices if you like. 3) and just "ToT That!" You'll be amazed how easily your toughest choices can be solved. So why we did this product? Actually It is based on stimulating the sense of empathy. This app may not change the world but empathising can, so we dreamed of people helping each other and feeling better. Also while doing these our users will know each other better, according to their choices. Hope I explain well, feel free to shoot any feedbacks or questions.
I could see using this app almost it has some nice viral qualities like Tinder and Hot-or-not. Well done.
Thanks @msitver appreciate it