A secure, shared workspace for secrets

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I'm super excited about posting Torus on PH today. Many of the Makers listed are ex-GoInstant (guys I worked with for a few years and had an awesome experience with). They're building something great, with a huge vision, that starts with helping out developers. I'm certain these guys are going to do something amazing, and I'm looking forward to tracking their progress. This is just the first step for a great team.
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@byosko what's the difference between excited and "super excited"? I'm just trying to figure out which one I should be.
@davidcrow you'll never be either πŸ™„
@davidcrow You should be "super excited", David. S-U-P-E-R E-X-C-I-T-E-D. :)
@davidcrow @byosko what's the difference between grumpy and grouchy?
@byosko You're the Man! I promise to the gods! We will be a friends Once day, and make fckng noise on the whole world mate. Incredible descriptions ! πŸ˜†
woohoo! Thanks for the hunt @byosko! Managing secrets and service related config is too much of an afterthought today. We want to solve the problem in a way that makes you a more productive developer, and that makes it easier to work with others as your team grows. This is a pain we have felt in the past many times, and we see people struggling with it as apps grow in size and complexity. Whether for an open-source side project, something you are working on for a client, or day 1 kickoff of a big new project at work, we want to build something that lets you focus on coding rather than managing creds and config. We are a distributed team (Cambridge UK, Halifax, Toronto, SF).
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Also, I've written a Torus getting started post where I show how to take an open source project and convert it to use Torus for secret management which you can check out here:
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It appears the secrets are uploaded to the cloud? If so, how do you secure them?
@guypod Only you and your team have access to decrypt any data stored with Torus. Any sensitive data (your secrets and any keys used to encrypt or sign them) is encrypted on your computer using your password which is never shared with our servers. We’ve put together some documentation (and fun images) that explains how we accomplish this: We plan on open sourcing the server components at a later date, allowing anyone to run an instance of the Torus backing service themselves.
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Managing and sharing secrets with the entire team is a mess. I've been waiting for such a solution. Thank you :)
@mharis glad we can help solve that pain for you.
Amazing team and an amazing product. Great work guys.
@jon 😊 thanks Jon
@jon Thanks!