Torre Bio 3.0

Grow, showcase and use your professional reputation

We released Torre Bio on Product Hunt a few months ago and received very valuable feedback from you. Because our goal is to build a professional genome that allows people to discover and unlock fulfilling professional opportunities, we’re thrilled to be back with a new version after weeks of experimenting. Do explore and let us know what you think!

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📄 If the resume were invented today, what would it be like? 🤝 What could developers and humanity do if trustworthiness could be quantified, always in a positive manner? 💼 How could we build a social network that allowed talent to discover and unlock fulfilling professional opportunities, easily, automatically, cleverly? 👩‍💻How can recruiting be faster, smarter, unbiased and more assertive? We've asked ourselves many questions, and the beginning of our quest to solve them is Torre.Bio. We're happy to introduce the version 3.0 to you, the makers and hunters, the movers and shakers, the dreamers, the futurists and the outliers. After version 1.0, we've had many months of learnings, testing and valuable feedback from Daniella, Temidayo, Bruno, Ron, Mario, Laura, Mike, Kassandra, Lustina, Ulrich, Mariella, Shawntelle, Joycerose, Guido, Ovais, Loreto, Marcus, Machteld, Steven, Katie, Hyatt, Alejandra, Richard and a hundred more value testers, usability testers, advisors, partners, friends, family and a couple thousand live users, we thank you all for your contributions. *Torre Bio 3.0 now has many useful and cool features, such as:* 👍 You now can recommend others in seconds, with a couple of clicks. 📊 Recommendation weights: Torre Bio uses weights to add trustworthiness to recommendations. Recommendations have greater weight when they come from people who have been recommended by others. 📈 Stats: For those interested in views of their Bio, reputation weight and other interesting insights. 🖌 A re-design of many elements and design of new ones to make Bios more visual and engaging. By the way, we did have Torre Bio 2.0, but we thought we had some more things to add and fix before presenting it to you.