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Thanks for the post @kwdinc Hi, fellow hunters! We created Topvisor as a complete SEO platform to help webmasters, marketers, and SEO experts keep their projects close at hand and run SEO tasks on auto-pilot. We do SEO ourselves and we know it takes time and lots of efforts. We wanted to take that burden off webmaster's shoulders as best we can. We built the web-based tools and mobile apps based on three pillars: it must have been quick, reliable, and affordable. Here are just some of our features: The Rank Tracker Tool, The Keyword Research Tool, The Website Auditor Tool, The Website Watcher Tool, The Keyword Clustering Tool, The Index Checker Tool, The Search Volume Tracker. The tool is still continuously developing. In the coming months, we're planning to add a PPC Tool, Reporting Tools, and Social Tools. And today we offer you a bonus credit! Please, share your feedback and you ideas. It will help make the product even better. Thank you for trying Topvisor out =) Dmitrii Udimov, CEO/co-founder
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There is so many SEO and PPC tools out there, what makes this better than all the alternatives?
@bentossell First, speed, accuracy and well-executed UI/UX . Also, we put no limits on the number of keywords and project you can add. Flexibility and loyalty are our key aspects here. We have scheduled or on-demand reports and we offer two types of pricing: pay-as-you-go or pricing plan subscription.
Are the illustrations on top custom-designed? Who did those illustrations? Those are rad!
@mrkevinhype Yeah, designed by our Team :)
@al_vassilieva Is there a name for the "style" of those kinds of illustrations?
@mrkevinhype There’s no specific name, it’s just our ideas and imagination.
I like your product, I am not SEO-guy, but I'm understand what the point :) Earlier I am worked on seo-tool like this, and I know, why it's very helpful! But! I spent 10 min to figure out where is my project and where I should add keywords. It would be great if you add some onboarding or intro for your admin panel. I didn't get, what I should to do, after registration :( ps: I love your tool!
@axclever Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. We've added two Tutorials and we plan to add more. Here's a link: Hope it will be helpful :)
@al_vassilieva Thanks) It was very helpful :)
Awesome, excited to sign up and check it out. Quick note: Saw SSL so I updated my password, but I'm really turned down by seeing you send it over plaintext email.
@kevinyun Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we're working on registration process now. We'll make it less confusing no doubt. However, I can assure you your data is safe. We do not store your password in DB, we fetch and send directly to your email without saving or caching it anywhere, and you can change it right after the first signup. But again, sure, we'll improve it :)