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This is very intersting! I am always looking for new exciting books to read... I think this is better way to find new books to read... crowdsourcing data from reddit and finding most trending books! Love it... Awesome!
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@sanketsohaliya Hi Sanket, thank you for your kind message. We are excited to hear about your great experience :) Please checkout the site everyday for new books!
Not working for me.
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@rstankov Hi Radoslav, thank you for updating about the issue! We have placed the fix and everything is back running. Please visit again when you have the chance!
love it! would be awesome to also have Goodreads score + link in there!
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@mariuskrm Hey Marius, thanks for loving it :) Your Goodreads integration is a great idea!
Hi Producthunters and Bibliophiles! As you might know, Reddit is a great place to hunt for awesome books. The community exchanges book reviews and recommendations in very organic way. But exploring through each posts and comments on Reddit can be quite hectic. TopTrendBooks is designed to help book seekers quickly find the best books from Reddit. We collect over 15,000 books everyday mining 100,000 Reddit posts and comments. Visit our site and you will find various top ranked books by simply scrolling the page! Pro-tips for best TopTrendBooks experience. - Landing page defaults to ALL books within a YEAR. - Click any TAG to apply TAG filter. - SEARCH finds books by matching keyword to Tag, Title, Author, and Book Description. - Book detail page will show Amazon Book Description. - Clicking on Reddit Reference will jump to the associated Reddit page. Each books are pointed based on the following aspects. - Total up-votes on the post (comment) referencing the book. - Number of posts (comments) referencing the book. - Date/time of the book references. Each books are organizes based on the following attributes. - Time Scope: [All, Year, Month, Week] - Book Category: [All, Tech, Comic, Free, Other...] - Sub-Reddit Tag: [Books, Audiobooks, EBooks, SuggestMeABook, Programming, Entrepreneur, ComicBooks, HorrorLit, Fantasy, Science, Manga, Poetry, and +100 more!!]
Not working for me.
@gkollias Hi George, sorry about the inconvenience. We placed a fix on network bandwidth so please visit again when you have the chance!