Design gallery of every top hunted product ever.

Get inspiration from every highest upvoted product on Producthunt since 2014, updated daily.
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Hey Producthunt, happy to be back again! 🔥 TopHuntFolio is design Gallery of every Top Hunted Product. Get inspiration from every highest upvoted product on Producthunt since 2014, updated daily. Disclaimer: Shots are automatically generated. This means some products will definitely be offline or have ugly screenshots. A little story about this project. This month my goal was to learn NodeJS ✅. I had to make an app for a client using Google Sheets as Dashboard. After a while I found out the application needed more than just this so I decided it was time to learn how to make an webapp. All these learnings are combined in TopHuntFolio. How I build it: ✅Fill Google Sheets dashboard with all top hunted products on Producthunt from last 5 years. ✅File auto updates based on =IMPORTXML() ✅Generate screenshots using ✅Export dashboard to JSON using [G]( ✅Render pages using NodeJS and Handlebars Pretty satisfied with the outcome and a fun project to hack together over the weekend! P.S. Heavily inspired by <3
@andreyazimov Thanks for the inspiration Andrey!!
This is very well done, @dannypostmaa. Did you notice any patterns in all the landing pages of popular products over the years?
Thanks @rrhoover ! 🔥 I've seen a lot of patterns over the years with my main business, Landingfolio (where most designs come from Producthunt). I 👉🏻 2019 is really the year of drawing images (don't know the correct name). Loads of websites use them to explain their product. Most come from a small number of open source projects. 👉🏻 More and more designs are starting to look the same. This is probably because a lot of landing page templates have been launched the last year. I honestly love this trend, because it makes non-designs able to launch an amazing looking website that will convert their visitors even better. 👉🏻All landing pages use the same elements. Header with either mobile or desktop device. Followed by logos of their clients. Below a short intro on their product. Their pages are really well optimized, as all these elements have worked for me when I've been testing for my clients. 👉🏻Loads and loads of wavy elements to make pages less boring. 👉🏻So. Many. Intercom. Users. I've finally figured out how to exclude these from my screenshot scraper haha. 👉🏻Less text, more storytelling through images. Conclusion. It seems like a lot of founders start to understand the importance of great design and seem to really understand how to explain their products.
This is a brilliant collection @dannypostmaa that I can see myself returning to often. Bookmarking it right away! Thanks for building & sharing this w/ everyone.
@thisiskp_ Thanks @thisiskp_ !! Happy you like it! 😌
Damn good idea @dannypostmaa , really good for people who can't design but want to build stuff. Good place to get inspiration from.