Golf driving range with point-scoring games for all levels

If you combined a golf driving range with bowling, you would get Topgolf. Topgolf allows your group to rent a tee by the hour, and choose from 9 different games to play. All balls contain a GPS chip, so you know exactly where your ball ended up. Locations have live music, food, drinks, tvs, and entertainment, making it fun for all skill levels.

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Dana YangProduct Designer

Top Golf has been in my area for a while now, definitely stepped up. The first one I ever been to had a bucket of balls system, now i think most are pay by time per booth. I think of it like going to go bowling, except more comfortable because of the seating around a low table and food get brought to you so you can just lounge and chat with friends. I also like their different games styles, so you dont have to be able to hit the ball really far.

The novelty does wear off after a while though, and its not exactly cheap. I work right across the street from one and I haven't gone to Top Golf unless its a company paid event. It's best to go at night because it looks really cool with the lit scoring holes, but its cheapest to go in the morning.


Fun even for non-golfers to play, pretty good menu for food and drinks


Sometimes the scoring system fails to recognize the ball going into the hole

Christopher SpillerLeading @ Workaround Labs

It's a fun social driving range outing, I've gone with kids and adults. Loved it.


Upscale, fun outing


Kinda far away for me (DC area)

Davis Baer
Co-Founder of OneUp
There are currently 38 Topgolf locations open across the US, with another 22 set to open soon in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and Dubai.