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Quincy Larson
Shaun Newsum
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  • Victoria
    VictoriaVC @ Playground

    Love this website - always wanted to read more on Medium but wasn't sure where to start!



    Love that the website refreshes daily to take into account the most updated top stories. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to interact more with Medium - a lot of niche writers on there who wrote many thought-provoking articles.

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  • Kyeihong Kim
    Kyeihong KimAutonomous Vehicles & More!

    Simple, easy-to-use interface, and I love how there is an icon for each story! Makes navigating and using Medium so much easier.


    There are no cons, but a suggestion could be to have rankings of stories for different categories, so users can find personalized content

    Really makes using Medium so much easier. I often feel as if I am not able to make the most of Medium content because there is just too much content and I don’t know where to navigate, so this site really makes life better!

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  • Harrison Malone
    Harrison MaloneStudent @ Le Wagon

    Awesome UI - love that you can switch between full and compact view - this is how I like to choose what to read


    Would love to see maybe a view for what's rising or perhaps even a best of the month option

    Will be bookmarking this one and working my way through stories I've missed this year

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  • Quincy Larson
    Quincy LarsonTeacher at Free Code Camp

    The UI looks clean and everything is clickable. It's a fast single-page app.



    I've been using and but I will start using this instead.

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