Top Medium Stories showcases the best stories written on Medium. You can filter the stories by year and the list is updated daily.

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Thanks for the hunt @erictwillis! Hi Product Hunt! I built this website to make it a breeze for anyone to discover and enjoy amazing stories written on Medium. Each day, the website updates with new stories that made it onto the list and clap counts for existing stories. I hope this list helps you discover (and rediscover) hidden gems buried inside Medium’s archives. In the process of making this list, I realized I missed so many awesome stories despite being an avid Medium user! I really hope you find this list useful! 😁 If you have any feedback, please let me know in the comments or reviews sections. Happy reading!
@erictwillis @michaeldeng the reason this is the most clapped Medium article of all-time is 100% because of this GIF: Would save millions hours for startups in San Francisco. Clapper:
@erictwillis @michaeldeng it's amazing. have a question: is there possibility to create filters to list posts for tags? Congrats!
@erictwillis @michaeldeng @nivo0o0 You know you can just keep the button pressed to give more Claps, right?
Very cool. Surprising Medium doesn't have an built in top list.
@joshdance Thank you, I was very surprised too and that gave me the idea to build this website in the first place!
@joshdance @michaeldeng You found a problem with Medium and solved it! #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Love that the website refreshes daily to take into account the most updated top stories. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to interact more with Medium - a lot of niche writers on there who wrote many thought-provoking articles.


Love this website - always wanted to read more on Medium but wasn't sure where to start!



Product Hunt for stories. Nice.
Great product - well done! A few quick questions: 1) If I fully load the # of stories for one year, does that equate to the full number of Medium articles of that year? Or is it capped at a certain number of stories per year (e.g. top 1000)? 2) Do you plan on doing something similar with top writers of Medium or top publications on Medium? Would be a logical and helpful next step in the development of this project, especially for new writers on the platform who are searching for a good publication to send their articles / stories to.
@viwsun Great questions! 1) You can only see the 500 most-clapped stories in each list at the moment! But I'm very open to bumping up this number if there's demand. 2) Yes that's a very logical progression 😁 It'd be very interesting to see a ranking of authors and publications by the number of claps their stories have! Keep an eye out for v2.0!
@viwsun if it's to load all the posts throughout the year, what use cases are you looking at? Currently it's at 500 as the developer says, and it sounds prefect.
@arunsathiya Yup agreed, 500 sounds good - even 100 would've been fine. Was mostly curious as of how he structured the list and how deep into medium is the site interlinked.
@michaeldeng Amazing, looking forward to it!