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I am super happy to share this side project! There's so much great historical content on Product Hunt, and this is an easy way to scroll through the top items. The week view was added in later, what do you think? Would a monthly view be worthwhile (with fewer than 20 to scroll through now)... how about an endless scrolling list of ALL posts? Feedback is appreciated! READ MORE:
@jsneedles one of the things I'd find really interesting to know if who is upvoting each of the top hunted products. It would be interesting to see if there is a trend between a product being upvoted loads and a certain PH member upvoting it - could be interesting.
This seems perfect for an email newsletter. Get an email once a week of the best hunts from the previous week.
@alancassinelli and @rrhoover does like the email-first startup... Maybe I'll do that then. Shouldn't be too hard.
@alancassinelli Doesn't Product Hunt already do this? I believe you can choose to receive a daily or weekly email email highlighting the best products.
This is great. I already found a couple great products I missed. Just downloaded the Helium app for Mac. Can you talk a bit about why you didn't call it "Product Hunt, Hunt" just kidding.
@matthartman thanks! I didn't even think about that name. I did go in that direction with the tag line on the site "the best of the best new products, every day"
@jsneedles I love your projects. 😃 You're always hacking on something. Why? Where does the inspiration come from?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Part of the inspiration is something you said to me a little while back... which is to just get out there and build, and do it for companies you admire. I also build things based on functionality I want (Meerkat Stats & Random Hunt)... In this case though, I didn't know I wanted Top Hunt until a viewer in my Meerkat said something like "ugh, I hate scrolling through a billion products each day, I just want to see the best" -- so I built something like that. I'm also trying to keep pace (so far it's been 1 project per month) and improve my skills. I really learn by doing, so I worked on efficiency and a couple new features (like infinite scrolling) in this project.
Due to time constraints, sometimes I am unable to keep up with Product Hunt on a daily basis. Top Hunt product is natural compliment to Product Hunt. Top Hunt's visual summary provides me with a sense of tranquility, until I have time to go through more items on Product Hunt at my leisure. Top Hunt's additional benefits is that it provides an efficient and accurate method for users to track particular product/s.