Top Hat

App Store sales figures at a glance

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 22, 2015
Top Hat is a menu bar app that answers one simple question "how did my apps do yesterday?" I love the simplicity. It's from the same team that made Tokens, which makes it super easy to share App Store promo codes.
why u asking admin rights? there is enough sales to get stats. it's very dangerous gives a credentials with can, for example, removing app from store.
@alexvinogradov4 Hi Alex, the current version of Top Hat pulls app names and icons from the My Apps section of iTunes Connect. We've been doing this in Tokens ( for years and it was the quickest way to get up and running here. It was just before launch when we realised the app would not work for users with financial/sales roles which is clearly an oversight and we plan to rewrite our code so as not to rely on this access to My Apps. Your password is only ever stored locally in the OS X keychain and used to communicate directly with Apple's servers.
@alexvinogradov4 Hi Alex, you can try SalesX(, it won't ask you the admin or legal rights.
not to be confused with Surprised they didn't go with another name that would signify what the company actually does (not that is any better anyway..)