Too Embarrassed To Ask - Life's a Peach after CES

Casey Newton joins Kara and Lauren to talk Peach and CES

Who was the guy on this podcast? Really enjoyed his perspective
@caseynewton You should start a snapchat show.
@caseynewton who let that guy on!? JEEPERS!
I LOVE Kara and Lauren, I'm SO glad they have their own show now!
@nivo0o0 they talk about your favorite topic =)
Re/code Decode quickly made it into my podcast rotation (this interview with @ev is gold). I have high hopes for this podcast, too. Pressure's on, @karaswisher and @laurengoode. 😁
It's the first episode of our new podcast "Too Embarrassed to Ask." This week, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode answer your questions about what happened at CES 2016, joined by special guest Casey Newton from The Verge. They also discuss the buzzy new social app Peach, and whether it will still be a thing in, like, a week.