See over 130 chords in AR 🎹

Tonic is the world's first AR chord dictionary. View over 130 chords in AR on your own piano.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Clever idea! This is a great example where AR glasses would help, so you could play without occupying your hands with a phone.
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Daniel Kuntz
Creator of awesome things
Hi Product Hunt 😺 Tonic is the world's first AR chord dictionary. Chords are amazing. But for musicians who aren't jazz aficionados, finding a chord from a lead sheet is often frustrating and time consuming. And for the many talented musicians who don't read sheet music, chord dictionaries with music notation don't make things any easier. Tonic is the solution. Using AR, Tonic lets you easily view over 130 chords on your own piano. It tells you exactly where to place your fingers to play almost any chord. Great for students, professionals, or anyone interested in music. Features: - Over 130 chords with music notation - Flat/sharp display modes - 3 octaves to choose from - An adorable app icon Open to suggestions and feature requests! Hit me up 🤙
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Jeff EisleyI talk about apps on YouTube <3
This looks SUPER convenient!
So awesome)))
Dana Jeanne MarieGirl seeks great new apps.
This is awesome! I've wondered how to easily access chords so I can compose my own little ditties as a lapsed piano student. This will be an amazing help!