Toni, the Euro 2016 Bot

Gives you information about games/scores and live updates.

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Klemens Zleptnig
Klemens ZleptnigMaker@klemensz · CTO & Co-Founder @
Toni is a friendly chatbot 🤖 for Facebook Messenger that gives you information about the games of the Euro 2016 🇫🇷 ⚽️ tournament. You can ask Toni for example: "How did Italy play against Spain?" (or short: "ITA vs ESP"), "When is the the next game?", "Latest results" or "Give me the group of England". With the latest update, Toni also features a live score notification. If you enable it by sending "Subscribe live" he will send you a message when a game start or ends, or when a goal is scored. Additionally the bot can send a daily roundup of the latest and upcoming games every morning. Those subscriptions can be stopped at any time, just by sending "Quit". It was launched just when the championships started, so it's still in beta. To ask Toni, all you need to do is to send him a message: Follow this link or scan the image with the Messenger app. Works on any platform where FB Messenger is available, mobile (Android, iOS, …) and desktop.
Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar
@klemensz Amazing! Been looking for something like this! :)
Lucas Korol
Lucas Korol@lucakorol · CTO & Head of Prd Design @codeandpepper
@klemensz Nice! It would be helpfull if I can ask for a match using official games hashtags (e.g. #polpor, or just polpor)
Klemens Zleptnig
Klemens ZleptnigMaker@klemensz · CTO & Co-Founder @
@lucakorol Great idea! "pol prt" works actually.