The last IRS W-9 form you'll EVER fill out

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Hey Product Hunt! We are pumped to release our first "micro-app" to PH! This simple tool can help businesses and 1099 contractors send & receive IRS W-9 Forms quickly and securely (I know, not the sexiest thing on the planet... but super-helpful!). What's great is that with this tool it'll be the LAST W-9 you'll EVER have to manually fill out! Sweet action. We're just getting started and we want to leverage the Product Hunt community at large to figure out what we should add next to the tool and how we can continue to get us one step closer to a truly paperless world. Leave your feedback and comments below! (Oh, and see screenshots for a look at what to expect!) More via our announce post here: ^^^ See more screenshots via the Product Hunt carousel! ^^^
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@8bit @saddington does it cost any money? This is definitely a problem that we dealt with early on at Vungle. But you can pretty much do the same thing by setting up a template with hellosign or rightsignature or whatever. Cool to have one prepopulated template. I'm just not sure how much people would pay for it.
@_jacksmith @saddington Nope, it's entirely free! The benefit of what we're really trying to do is to help people NEVER, EVER have to do this again. If they use our system once, they'll never have to fill out this form ever again. And then we can start looking at solving this for the rest of the many government documents that exist... (and more)!
@8bit John, congrats on the launch! And best wishes *way* out there. ;)
@tmninja thanks buddy! i'm taking trips back east... will actually be flying back this weekend...
@saddington would love to integrate this into! I'm already building out an entire w9 request/receive system.
it'd be awesome if you guys integrated with docusign for other on boarding docs, like NDAs and contracts or such. That way i could give some one a single link to go and generate/fill out all their paperwork!
@adamdill yup! we'd love to make all of this as seamless as possible. Integration is easy... the question is what types of documents we should scale into, based on demand and interest. Great feedback.!
@adamdill thanks for the feedback @adamdill. This is just the starting point.... [maniacal laugh here]
John is the biggest hustler and one of the smartest person I know! So happy for this product.
@tommydangerouss wow, thanks for that friend! Means a ton for your support!
W8-BEN forms too please :)
@ericdiepeveen love this! we want to start to include other docs that people want. thanks for the vote!
Congrats, John! I can't wait to try this out. Glad to see you're still innovating!
@scottwyden Appreciate it friend! I'm just trying to create value when I see it...! Thanks for your vote of confidence and sharing it with others!