The last IRS W-9 form you'll EVER fill out

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John Saddington
@8bit · trying to win the internet.
If you're like me, I've done a ton of 1099 contract work as a consultant and developer over the years... so much so that I had to save a local copy of the W-9 on my hard drive...! Which, of course, makes no sense. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/... So, we're solving for that... and this is just the start.
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John Saddington
@8bit · trying to win the internet.
Hey Product Hunt! We are pumped to release our first "micro-app" to PH! This simple tool can help businesses and 1099 contractors send & receive IRS W-9 Forms quickly and securely (I know, not the sexiest thing on the planet... but super-helpful!). What's great is that with this tool it'll be the LAST W-9 you'll EVER have to manually fill out! Sweet a… See more
Adam Dill
@adamdill · Co-Founder DailyDrip.com
it'd be awesome if you guys integrated with docusign for other on boarding docs, like NDAs and contracts or such. That way i could give some one a single link to go and generate/fill out all their paperwork!
Tommy Dang
@tommydangerouss · Engineer + Entrepreneur @ Airbnb
John is the biggest hustler and one of the smartest person I know! So happy for this product.
Eric Diepeveen
@ericdiepeveen · CEO, Stolen Couch Games
W8-BEN forms too please :)
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
Congrats, John! I can't wait to try this out. Glad to see you're still innovating!