Toky for Business

Your virtual phone system connected to everything

Make and receive business calls from your website, Facebook, phones and CRMs, all in one place.

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Hello Hunters! We are building a phone support system that unifies calls from any origin: web, social networks, phones, into one place. This makes doing customer support much easier. Give us a shout with your thoughts :)
Had a chance to talk with these guys a few weeks back. Solid product and great founders with a strong telco background. Love seeing you guys here on PH
@zinssmeister thank you Bjoern! Always good to have your positive feedback :)
Hey hunters! We built this solution having phone support of the Internet-era businesses in mind. We know click to call is not particularly hot anymore, specially the way is was originally presented. That's why we created Toky integrating all posible scenarios for inbound calls: your phone system, you website and social profiles. We made easy for your clients to call you, and even easier for you to serve them. You may answer calls literally anywhere: your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, flip phone or even landline phone. Don't you think this is a good complement for the already successful live-chats?
I agree with @oelmekki, this makes support exciting and the potential of where this can go. I would love this to integrate with Slack and other CRM's! We set toky up last week, and our team is excited!
@anthonygawonlee pleasure to have you onboard, Anthony! About the integration: we are already working to open our API so this could be as easy as pure javascript into any site. I will personally make sure you get the update ;)
I love how this pushes support features forward. After Intercom, all chat widgets that were popping around felt deprecated. Adding audio and video in there make it fresh again :) @caruizdiaz @oscarsanchezo did you make / plan for anything that will allow admins to quickly lookup in previous messages, like speech to text transcripts, maybe?
@oelmekki hi Oliver. We are planning an Intercom integration but we haven't yet found the right way to do it. A call button would be nice but I don't think the API allows GUI manipulation. Ideas, welcome :). Replying your question: we are going to add tagging of calls. This could simplify things in a basic manner and it's usually enough with users that are receiving low amount of calls. Speech to Text is also in the roadmap, but since getting it done with enough precision is a complex (and expensive) task, we have delayed its development considering it's not a tier-1 necessity now. Thank you for your feedback, we are glad you liked the product :).