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KonMari your Twitter follows ✨


Walk through your Twitter follows one by one and go through the painstaking process of cleaning up your timeline. Did you follow this person for thier tweets or because of who they are? Did you follow that person out of social obligation? Are these tweets worth the anxiety?

A space for reflection.

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I like plants

I follow way too many people. It's a serious problem. It's so bad that I literally can't see all of the people I follow because Twitter won't let me scroll down far enough. And even if I could it would take me forever. There are other tools that you can use to unfollow people, but Twitter doesn't seem to like it when it's TOO automated. So this is perfect for me. If I work on it a little at a time I can get things under control.


Love this! It's fun and easy to use


It's a little bit addictive

Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp

Save people you follow in lists using this tool in case you want to bring them back later. Very helpful!


Can systematically go through people I follow and decide if I want to keep them. No longer need to go through my feed to unfollow people.


It is a tedious process, but worth it to improve the quality of your feed.

Definitely a good tool to remove inactive followers


Easy to remove the old/stale/unused followers


The UI can be improved

Fangirl of all things awesome
What a fabulous way to sort through the clutter on Twitter in regards to whom I follow. The only thing missing, for me anyway, is being able to see if the person follows me back.