One ring to replace your keys cards and passwords

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Another addition to the growing list of tech-powered rings: Ringly Motiv Nimb (I know I'm missing many others) Check this out, @corleyh.
@rrhoover Someone needs to create One Ring to Rule them all.
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@rrhoover @corleyh y'all trying to make me The Manderin
@corleyh @rrhoover Ha so I just found out my old startup that I founded is powering the payments in this!
Not 'One ring to rule them all'? What a missed opportunity.
@adammoisa That's how I read it initially "Tolkein - One Ring to... oh wtf, why is there a laptop in the gif..."
This is a cool concept but if it’s work and come on time, not like other cool technology that they never came out
@dany20mh We totally understand the concern. We've actually gone through our first batch of manufacturing and hosted a live demo event last week for our partners including Microsoft and Mastercard where we showed off Token. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions at .
@josaphat @tokenize But still that doesn't help about my concern, other technology did they first batch and they had a lot of meeting too, like plastc card which it didn't come out and they went bankrupt. But if you really think this will come out on time (which it says Dec 2017) you can let us preorder it without paying it up front and when ever it shipped we get charge for it, that way at least our hand is not empty.
This looks incredible. Are there any deeper technical specs (does this support FIDO U2F, in particular)? And any possibility of a "developer version" that also functions as GPG SmartCard?
@mbthomas We're supporting FIDO2.0, aka WebAuthn over Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC. We also support Windows Hello for desktop login, which is being expanded for other web logins. I can't promise any specifics, but we're definitely looking into supporting other protocols that fit our scheme of private-key-on-device security. PGP would be an excellent first candidate.
@john_dvorak very exciting about other key-on-device schemes! I had to look this up but WebAuthn is designed to subsume and replace all use cases of U2F *and* add provide additional non-phishable authentication capabilities.
@mbthomas Yep! It's a really exciting protocol. Once we saw the direction W3C and the WebAuthn protocol is taking, we joined the FIDO Alliance to help shape its evolution. We really consider it a key future technology, and are very proud to have working partnerships with Microsoft and MasterCard. The FIDO U2F and UAF protocols were strong and fit a niche use case very well, but I think there was a general usability problem where it was difficult to drop-in replace an existing password solution. That's why one of our major design goals was ease of use, so an end user can seamlessly add WebAuthn credentials that are EASIER to use than a password!