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7 Reviews5.0/5
Used this for a few users when I freelanced more. Definitely one of the simplest time tracking apps out there.

The product is great, it's flexible, dynamic, you can use it on almost any device (as app, not just web), but the pricing is pretty bad, I mean there is alot of cool features, but paying more for a user than the user's email hosting (google) is not ok.





Simply the best timetracker available! Even with pomodoro now! Love it 🔝 🔝 🔝
I use Toggl as an individual and used as a paid business user. We had around 25 members lean product engineering using toggl as their timesheet tool, 6 management team checking reports and creating projects and 2 clients paying for the effort and validating time entries. This setup included generating billing invoices as well. Toggl was ideal match for our team as, 1. We usually very lazy to enter time, but toggl made it fun as all you had to do was click a button whenever you start something 2. Client also had a great dashboard where they can see actual billing amount getting updated in every second. 3. It is multi-platform tool - therefore we could start-stop the timer even when we were on the move or away from our PCs using the mobile app.
Even though it says — and is — "insanely simple", it's also super flexible, lightweight and delightful to use. A killer app to use with the Pomodoro Technique. If I ever need to issue billable hours, I'll happily pay for the premium version.