Dark Theme for Todoist is here! We’ve revamped every color, icon, and font in the app for the full dark experience. It’s available right now on every platform — iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and more.

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Hi Product Hunters 👋 We're releasing one of our most highly requested Todoist features, a Dark Theme across all platforms. This release also includes our new unified colors with 20 colors that you can use with your projects, filters, and labels. You may think to add a dark theme is only changing the colors, but it was a lot more difficult than this. We had to redo and retweak a lot of core components, colors, icons, and fonts. So even if you don't use the dark theme, you'll see a lot of subtle tweaks to our interfaces. You can read more here: https://blog.doist.com/introduci... Dark theme is just a small taste of changes that are upcoming. We hope you enjoy it! 😊 Let us know if we can improve this in any way.
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@amix3k It looks great Amir, but it also feels great. When you use an app like Todoist all day everyday, these little details make a big difference. It shows genuine care for your users.
@amix3k, Do you do B2B sales for Doist ?
@sgoudie Our users (and especially customers) are the only reason why we are here today — this is because we are fully bootstrapped. So yea, we care a lot 😊
@amix3k I'm happily both 🙌 I saw the $0 investment raised on the doist site. It's great to see an a tech company building on real value.

A very nice addition to the best to-do app, but it took them really long.


Your eyes don't bleed anymore


Some colors seem to dark to read

Which colors do you find too dark to read? We're still tweaking details. Would love to improve them.
Fantastic improvement. I've been a Todoist user for about a year now and always struggled when using it at night...when I get some of my best ideas! Now with the dark theme, my eyes (and brain) won't hurt as manage my tasks in the wee hours. Thanks Amir and team!
Wow this looks good 🌚 wish more apps took the effort to create a dark mode like this
@abadesi It'll be good for the humanity, if you could start with "ProductHunt App" first..!!!
YUP, loving it! However... I'd love to be able to have a different theme for day & night and a toggle in the header or a key command to change between them. We're never happy 😂😂😂
@kiakamgar thanks for this feedback, Kia. When we researched this, the majority of users wanted a permanent dark theme. But it's something we will consider for the future.