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Hi hunters! I am the founder of Todoist and will be following this thread closely. Other members of our iOS team are here as well. We are very excited about Todoist 10 - - a version we have worked on the last couple of months. The thing that excites me the most about Todoist 10 is that it’s possible to create very complex structures directly from a mobile device (multiple levels of sub-tasks and sub-projects, multiple priority levels, very complex recurrence patterns, inline adding, inline indenting etc.) and you can do this using a very simple and intuitive UX [I would argue that our new interface is easier and more enjoyable to use than our desktop interface]. This enables our users to use Todoist for very advanced things. But you can also forget all of those features and use Todoist as a shopping list! :-) Looking forward to hear your feedback!
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@amix3k Finally! ;D ;D ;D I've been checking Todoist's blog and Twitter for months waiting for this to show up. Thanks for your work!
@amix3k Still propagating I guess. Can only see 9.5.2 on the App Store now.
@amix3k I think you should "tease" us with the premium feature for x days. That's way you'll see conversion or not.
Love this update. Todoist continues to be *the* best task management and simple to-do list app that exists. One thing in particular they got right over competitors is recognizing the importance of cross-platform support. I'm able to have ubiquitous access to my task list from my Surface Pro 3 (desktop app and Outlook plugin!), iphone, iPad and Galaxy tablet. Also love the Chrome plugin when I use chrome.
@trevin Thank you so much for your words Trevin! If you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to contact us! :)
@enricenrich you need to add high dpi support for your windows app!
@trevin Have you read this article on our blog? :) https://blog.todoist.com/2015/03...
@enricenrich I didn't until now. Great news on investing dedicated engineering time to Windows platform. Bring on a universal app for Windows 10 and Windows Phone!
I love the iOS update and am loyal Todoist premium customer. It satisfies all my needs and I'm a pretty needy customer :). However, the one single feature that I'd love to see is focusing on a single project (and its subprojects) in the Today and Next 7 days views. I go hours at a time only caring about certain buckets of my life but I'm unable to filter out the other buckets in those important views - thus making a elegant simple interface complex depending on my context. The product feels sub-optimized for people like me who use the product across very different domains of their life and require rigid segmentation depending on their context (such as at work or at home). This probably sounds silly but I have multiple monitors at work and would love to keep Todoist's Today view on a dedicated part of my screen but I'm embarrassed to have things like "Water Plants" next to "Prepare for Sprint Planning." :) Keep up the great work!
@bracco Hi Mike. You could use a filter such as "7 days & p:home" - - this will only shown you tasks from 7 days and from projects that have "home" in them. Other than this, we will in the next couple of months roll out workspaces which will fix this problem for you and also make Todoist much nicer for team usage.
@amix3k I'd like to learn more about workspaces. Is there anything public?
Thoughts so far: + Fast-add. YES. Thank you for using the "hitting enter" mechanic. I love it. - On fast-adding: I miss the "add another" button on the Android app. The new text-based fast-add will help with this but it'd be great if there was an "add another" on the bigger task creation menu that retains the settings you'd just entered but starts a new task. Does this make sense? + Swiping for scheduling. YES. It'll need polish over time (the swipes aren't all that fluid) but it is so great to have this. + Themes. Neat! Didn't expect this; glad to have it. + I agree with this comment from @amix3k: "I would argue that our new interface is easier and more enjoyable to use than our desktop interface" Finally, since I might have the attention of some Todoist devs here: please please please take a look at keyboard controls for the desktop app. It isn't nearly as power-user friendly as it could be, but it is _so_ close. For instance: why can't I scroll through tasks with keys? j & k for up and down would save me an hour a month. ...that's all for now. Thanks for reading!
@ryanjamurphy Hi Ryan. Just a small comment: We now have "Save+" on the new full adder that makes it very easy to add multiple tasks from the "full add task view". And +1 on power shortcuts for the other platforms - - this is something that we intend to add (unsure when tho')!
Still have the scroll wheel for date selection, but seems much better than before!
@ojm We are not huge fans of this, but this is the standard of iOS. Most of the calendars we looked at have an even worse UX than the scroll wheel.