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First of all, a big high-five to the amazing Product Hunt community. We’ve been fans since the early days and we’re really glad Today is on Product Hunt. Today differs compared to other apps in this space in a number of ways: Starting from the most important one, Today addresses the fact that every habit and every individual is different. Today’s interface lets you build a dashboard that matches your individual needs and the specific characteristics of your habit, not the other way around. In that respect, we’ve build a set of cards that act as the building blocks for each dashboard. Each card has a specific functionality and comes with many customisation options and it’s easy to re-order and adjust at any point. For the initial release of Today we chose to include 7 card types, each focused on a different aspect of habit formation and tracking. We are already working on adding many more in forthcoming updates, integrating external 3rd party services and we are enhancing the functionality of existing card types. For example, we are working on a full-screen detail view of the Apple Health charts. It goes without saying that any suggestions are always more than welcome. Another unique feature of Today, and one of our personal favourites, is the ability to select a photo as the cover of each habit. You can use your own photos or pick from the built-in photo gallery. Icons are great but a photo can be much more powerful, personal, emotional and ultimately, motivating. Another cool thing about today is that it’s not about habit tracking only. It is entirely possible to use it as a simple quantified-self app to track anything without setting a specific goal.
Looks great. It's like a super upgraded version of coach.me, without the coaching aspect. The pro price felt a bit high, and without doing it you can only track one habit. I would have liked to see a 14 day trial of pro, so I have a chance to see how it flows into my daily routine before spending anything. I ended up sticking to coach.me instead, but overall it looks pretty awesome and wouldn't take much for me to move over to it.
@mybizbro Thank you! We want to give everyone the opportunity to try the app as much as possible before deciding to unlock the premium features. A trial version is definitely something that we considered but it is not entirely possible in our case since it could violate some of the App Store's guidelines. We carefully considered the price for the in-app purchase and we believe the value you get in return is greater than those offered by the apps in the same field at the same price point. Also, today is built by a small passionate team with no funding and this in-app purchase will support us to continue improving Today in many ways by adding new features such as more cards types, Apple Watch support, and many more.
@baronetto hopefully you'll add a widget for the today screen in iOS. momentum habit tracker does this nicely.
@bojanspaic Definitely! The widget for the notification screen is on the top of our list.
@baronetto damn App Store rules. Seems a pretty solid app in any case, and I definitely don't begrudge your team making money!
@baronetto bought the pro version. keep up the good work.
How does this compare to others in this space?
@bentossell try it out. It has something called cards, that lets you attach apple health data, charts, photos and milestones. And yes, it is beautiful.
Today is bar far the best habit tracking app that I've encountered. The app sure is beautiful, elegant and simple. Beside all these, I really like their approach toward designing and approaching habit tracking. Today approaches the habit tracking in a way that health tracker approaches things like 'Steps', 'Weights', etc. Basically, Today sees habits as a health factor and to me it feels very much like Apple Health app. Overall, I love the app. Well done! 👍
What stood out for me was the effective use of 3D Touch for check-ins. Pretty neat UX there.
@methekarthik Thank you! We love 3D Touch :)