Toca TV

Playful ad-free streaming video service for kids



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Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Really cool to see Toca Boca getting into the kids TV space. I guess it makes sense since they've dominated on the app side. More here on their new venture > 👌 🚀 @bjornjeffery and team!
Björn JefferyMaker@bjornjeffery · CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca
@robjama Thanks! Happy to answer any questions. A lot of thought (and work) went in to this one.
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@bjornjeffery What's the big vision for Toca TV? Do you think it will eventually reach more families than your apps do?
Björn JefferyMaker@bjornjeffery · CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca
@robjama We're not looking to scope out the apps, but rather add another touch point for the brand. You can't really be a kids brand today without a presence and a voice in video of some sort. So they will both run side by side. The overall idea is that there's a void between preschool and adult social networks that is empty to a large part. Where kids are too old for preschool shows but also too young to handle Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. Both legally and developmentally. So while we are not trying to compete with those guys, we've looked at the type of behavior that they have brought to kids (and adults) in terms of video. The result is something that looks very different than the stuff that is running on traditional broadcast today. The format, frequency and tone of voice is all different. You expect to both watch and make video - which you can in our new app.
Björn JefferyMaker@bjornjeffery · CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca
@bjornjeffery Finally, the component that will make parents feel safe about this is that there are no social components to the app, and every video has been watched by our editorial team and screened for suitability. There are no ads, no advertorials, and no videos with bad or unsuitable messaging. For the parents that value that aspect, we hope they will consider subscribing to Toca TV.
Brian LeePro@kay0stheory · code monkey @ theymadethat
Love the apps
Dariank@rhdarian · Product Specialist, UI, UX. VR Research
My daughter is obsessed with All things Toca - my wallet hates you guys though = P..... I could definitely see her liking this too. However Youtube kids does a good job of curating content for toddlers and kids and it's free. Is this a free app as well? I notice it says 'Try for free' which gets those monetization flags a waving.
Björn JefferyMaker@bjornjeffery · CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca
@rhdarian It's subscription service with a free trial. And while there are free video services, they often come with a different kind of cost. We have made a selection of the best and most appropriate videos for kids, watched every second of every video, edited them, removed all inappropriate videos, produced exclusive Toca Boca content and of course - no ads. So that's what we charge for. It's not for everyone of course, but that's the thinking :)
Cem Carak@cemedericarak · Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
Very cool but not sure how you plan on generating revenue? So customers would pay for it?
Björn JefferyMaker@bjornjeffery · CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca
@cemedericarak That's the plan, yes. That has always been our business model.