Toca Boo

Boo! Toca Boca's latest children's app

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This hunt of for the little ones (or those with little ones). If you're a parent you've probably heard of Toca Boca. They're a great example of a studio that get's the App Store.
Hi guys! I'm the CEO and co-founder of Toca Boca. If you have any questions or comments, please fire away!
@bjornjeffery Hey Björn - Curious to know how you landed at $2.99 for your sweet spot in terms of app pricing. There's been a lot of talk about paid apps dying...what's your thoughts on that? I've been experimenting with raising the price of my apps to $3.99 and am noticing a lot of the higher quality productivity apps gravitating towards $4.99.
@robjama The paid market is in a tricky place - no doubt about it. But an equally tricky thing is making freemium products, especially in categories where game mechanics aren't as applicable. Free is easy, freemium is hard. So since we don't do freemium at all, price testing and sensitivity made us end up at $2.99 (for now). I think it is a combination of brand recognition, category and track record of the products. It keeps the pressure on the developer to justify the seemingly high price, which is the way it should be, I think.
@bjornjeffery Good point freemium isn't the cure for everything. You guys have done a great job building a great App Store brand. I'd happily pay more for Toca apps.
@bjornjeffery will this be released soon on Android? I have loved you guys since I first played Toca Hair Salon.
@erin_alexa_ It will! All our new apps since a while back will be released for Android too. Usually it is about a month after the iOS release.