Autonomous robot mower powered by A.I.

She navigates autonomously (by 4K camera & A.I.), avoids objects and animals. No perimeter cable or GPS needed.
Uses mulching technology to keep your grass continuously short. Mows in lines, mows borders, multi-zone, guards at night. Now on Kickstarter.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
I might buy this before I have a house with a garden.. this is cool!
@sjoeroematondo ☺️ waaaw, thank you Sjoerd 🙏
Toadi is a funny and useful robot.
@mikeyeva Thank you Nastya 😊🙏
Hey PH, Wesley here, creator of Toadi along with our team of 23 Toadi Jedis. We are really excited to share this project with you. Our vision with Toadi is to expedite the transition to a sustainable world by making worker robots affordable for everyone 🧚🏿‍♀️. Our first phase to achieve our mission is to make the best lawn robot ever. Today we are making this robot available via Kickstarter 💫, with discounts up to 20%. Toadi is an autonomous lawn robot, no perimeter or GPS needed. Toadi works purely on computer vision and A.I.. She is easy to setup and extremely safe: detecting objects, humans, animals,... and safely navigates around it. She can also mow in lines, mow borders and guards at night. For mowing she uses mulching technology to always keep your grass short. We are here all day to answer any questions and we love to hear your feedback about our Toadi 🙏❤️.
I like the fact that is very autonomous. Although I'm quite the IT-nerd myself, I like the fact that it seems so easy to set-up. Even for elderly people.
@roel_engelen thank you for your feedback! Making it as easy as possible to set-up was one of our key goals.
everything: sustainable, locally produced, no perimeter, clever worker robot