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Task manager designed for visual thinkers

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According to researches, there are almost 40% of visual thinkers in the world. These people perceive information in the form of images better. That is why our team decided to create To Round, a task manager with the clear interface designed for visual thinkers. And now we are excited to introduce To Round to the visitors of ProductHunt. To Round is an easy-to-use task manager for iOS and Android. The focus is on the simplicity. A distinctive feature of the app is its interface designed as a funnel with bubbles. Each task is a bubble and its priority is determined by the size of the bubble. If the task is completed, it could be closed or postponed by setting up a new deadline. There is also an archive with completed tasks, so you can check up what was done recently.
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@anna_svirelkina Great idea and execution. Just from looking at your screenshot I felt more inclined to buy milk than ever before. I think your key to success will be to integrate with existing task management tools like Asana, Wrike, etc.. The other 60% just won't part with their traditional established tools I'm afraid.
@anna_svirelkina very interesting! Can't wait to try it out.
@tim_von_janssen @tim_von_janssen milk is very important:) Thank you for ideas.
@nzieber Thank you, hope you will like our app!
@nzieber thank you!
For all the visual thinkers out there, how can you be sure that this bubble approach is the right one for them? What research pointed you in this direction? Have you thought of having a handful of different themes the visual thinkers could choose from? As it has been mentioned, people are locked in with current solutions and it is a big move to switch task managers, are you going to enable people to export their past from other sites? Other than the bubble funnel, what else does To Round provide to differentiate it from others in the space?
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@bentossell Hello, Ben! Thx for your comment! The thing is that we’ve researched this by assembling a focus group of visual thinkers. Our team of developers had 3 different options of how the tasks should be visualized. After a series of brainstorming sessions, we created our unique main screen – the funnel, where each task is shown as a bubble and the task importance is represented by the bubble size, the bigger the bubble the more important is the task to be done. The title To Round reflects the concept of a task manager where tasks are represented as bubbles.
@anna_svirelkina yeah so are you going to explore any other themes of how they could look? How else does this differentiate to others in the space? Are people going to be able to export their current data from task managers into To Round?
@bentossell We decided to focus on the current theme for now. The ability to export current data from task managers into To Round is in our roadmap.
@anna_svirelkina @bentossell Did you think about using the size of the bubble to represent the amount of effort involved? I can immediately imagine that having a lot of use for product teams to better understand and convey the amount of work in a backlog or sprint. I could also see value in forcing large tasks to be broken down into tasks that are small enough, both metaphorically and in bubble-size, to actually fit through the funnel opening!
@menzer @bentossell Thank you for your brilliant ideas. We will think about it.
I think this app may be a good lever to fight against procrastination. The big bubbles are kind of anoying, that I can't handle to keep them on screen. Suggestion: "popping" the bubbles must be so delightful when we finaly achieve to get rid of them :D
@bob6664569 There is a psychological effect certainly ;)
@bob6664569 I love the popping bubble idea. It's like a win haha.
@callmewilsar @bob6664569 This is how amazing projects appear :)
@bob6664569 I like the popping bubble idea too!
@khw77 @bob6664569 received and duly noted, thank you!
Cool idea, and very well done first version! After spending 10 minutes with it, my unsolicited feedback: 1) It seems really hard to "select" an existing ball. I try to tap 10-20 times before the bottom menu comes up. After messing with it I realized that what's happening is if the phone things you are trying to "move" the ball (even 1px) it doesn't let you tap the ball to expose the menu. The only way is to be SUPER careful when you tap to not cause any friction on the screen. Perhaps some tweaks to interaction would make this more forgiving. 2) The UI to add new balls by pulling out the right-side drawer seems unnecessarily novel. I haven't seen any other app do that. 3) I love the idea of tasks as balls so you can prioritize your "big rocks". 4) I didn't really like the canned categories, which make some assumptions about how I use to-do apps. I would personally only use this for work tasks, so I had to go delete all the categories and add new work ones. I bet most users who actually use categories would not match up with the canned ones – so you might look into whether it makes sense to just let everyone start from scratch. 5) I expected to be able to increase the size of balls by pinch/drag on the main UI – but have to open the detail screen and unhide the slider to actually do this. 6) I love the airy look/feel. 7) The nav icons were't super intuitive for me.
@ecwilson Eric, big thanks for your detailed feedback. We really appreciate that! We are continuously improving our app, so your feedback is really very helpful! Would try to do our best.
To Round is a task manager with clear interface designed for visual thinkers. A distinctive feature of the app is its interface designed as a funnel with bubbles. Each task is a bubble. The priority is determined by the size of the bubble. If a task is completed it could either be pulled into a funnel or postponed by setting up a new date. There is also an archive with completed tasks, so you can check up what was done recently. All the tasks are categorized and could be filtered by tags, each of which is recognized by its own color. If you prefer the classic list view, you can simply switch to the standard to-do list view.
@erictwillis Eric, thanks for hunting us!