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@dcoates I really like the email-based approach (but maybe I'm biased 😉). The challenge with these is getting people to actually follow through. I've met a lot of talented, creative designers and developers that rarely see anything through. How do you deal with this? cc @mdeiters from Assembly P.S. thanks for the early access!
@rrhoover That is the tough part–which I can personally attest to. I've said that my first Chrome extension took eight weeks and thirty minutes. Eight weeks to get started and thirty minutes to actually code it. :) My hope is that once you come to To Build Something, you're either in a place where you've started and need some feedback or you're there to provide help to someone who needs it. Either way you're building your network and not stuck all alone. We'll see how much fall-off there is. I'm hoping not much, but it's too early to tell right now.
Just signed up :) I love how you focused on side projects as a way to cultivate skills and build a portfolio. Can't wait to build something awesome with the community!
@yonidejene Excited to have you! That's really my favorite thing about side projects--building skills that you won't necessarily get in your day-to-day. As a developer, designer, business person, anything. It's going to make you more well-rounded.
Great idea I love it. I used to make products with my friend. Let's make more friends.
Hey there Product Hunt 👋. I built To Build Something because I realized I needed some side project weekend distractions from my main gig and I wanted to expand the number of people I've worked with. Hackathons are great for that, but I wanted something a little more unstructured. I was excited to find Meeet but sad to see that it had shut down, because it was pretty similar to what I had in mind. Plus I wanted a way to give back and I've always enjoyed helping out my coding students when they email me with questions, so I figured why not expand that to build a community of people doing that? I'm trying to grow this slowly to encourage collaboration and community over raw numbers, but if you use the beta code PRODUCTHUNT I'll let you in right away. Because you folks are good people. 😀