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I had a lot of fun with this yesterday: - Psychedelic Ryan - My apartment on shrooms - Miley swinging on my wall Well done, @nickdangerfield and team.
I'm digging the retro branding and the speed of augmentation. Well done @nickdangerfield and team. What's the backstory?
Thanks @joshm, always so kind. @rrhoover thanks. Our web product to.be is a tool to collage the internet. We were missing a tool to bring pieces of your surroundings into your compositions too, so we set out to make an easy transparent gif maker for the phone. Then we realized that single combinations of your camera view and an animation had a very intriguing creative potential, so we ended up here, for now.
Makes it super, super easy to make stuff like this: http://to.be/camera/LyvQTN