Tmall Genie

Alibaba's Echo-like smart speaker competitor

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Is Tmall Genie Alexa's nemesis, or will they get along together on the cyber? 🤔
Caught this on The Verge. Not surprising to see one of the largest e-commerce sites go up against Amazon's Echo. The Tmall Genie is only ~$74, in limited release.
@rrhoover Interesting. I am interesting in getting one. I tried registering on the site, but even with Google Translate, it's very difficult to actually register. Anyone managed to do it?
@rrhoover @maneeshjuneja It looks like it's in a limited (1000 unit) public beta and tied to your Taobao/Alipay account which may require a Chinese bank account to sign up
Can Alexa do this?
But this only could use Chinese tho. Probably Americans can't use it hahahaha 😆