TLDR 2.0

Bitesized, customizable news via a chrome extension

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Presenting our first significant upgrade to TL;DR! (Many of these changes and improvements were based on feedback from Product Hunt readers, so thanks!) The biggest change is that we’ve added some light filtering tools. So, if you just want hard news, you can turn off the “Fluff.” And if you want more Sports and Business, we have some curated RSS feeds you can pull in to make those topics more robust. Plus we added a cleaner, more Reddit-like list view, added a button to let you easily share a link on Twitter and made the whole thing load a bit faster. We’re still working behind the scenes to make everything even better, so please keep the feedback, questions, and even complaints coming. Thanks, all!
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Only complaint I have is that the news updates are so timely, relevant, diverse and interesting, that I often forget what I opened my next tab for in the first place. I get lost in a sea of news! 😅loving TL;DR and the latest filtering updates! 😊
@deannashen Music to my ears! It's my goal to ruin everyone's productivity. Thanks so much!
@lons you bet! You're fantastic at your job, which is making it harder to do mine!
Nice work @jason, @lons. So far as you can say, what's the strategy long term? Convert users to Inside, use Inside content, destroy @deannashen's productivity :), other, all the above?
Great update, thank you. My 3 cents: 1. I would like a setting that enables me to only see new articles. i.e. articles that have been posted since the last time I opened a blank tab. If an article is in view for more than 5 seconds, it is flagged as seen. 2. I'd also like to retain links to my most frequently visited websites as well as a search box. 3. Love the new "Your News Section". I'd like these articles added into my normal feed and the ability to add search terms. i.e. articles are added to my feed if they match a saved search term.
@shauntrennery Thanks for the love. We're already working on a couple of these, but I really like the idea of keeping the "most frequently visited websites" along with the news. I'll share that with the team. Thanks again.
did anyone find the easter egg in the chrome extension? click around.... see if you can find it :-)
@jason @raydawg88 Found it. Meow! You said click, so I highlighted. Feedback: I missed TL;DR 1.0, so this is all new(s) to me. But I love it. Very clean, fast, attractive flat design. Very impressive. The Your News section is where it's at for me. Looking forward as other people mentioned to user content customization. I've been missing Google Reader for years and just haven't found the value in installing another app for reading news, especially with my @twitter addiction and tangential attention. So this may do the trick and in the future be a complete replacement, especially if and when I could add, say, a Craigslist or Google keyword search result feed, for instance. I'm going to use it for the next few days and see if any ideas or feedback materialize and share them back with you. Also, thanks for the revitalization of Browser Extensions, at least for me personally, as when you guys launched the AdReplacer, something clicked and I found a number of uses for APIs I've been wanting to play with. One of which I released recently and will be launching here at @producthunt. Thanks guys!