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Send short emails & read emails as fast as you read Facebook

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 28, 2015
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"Email" is one of the most common search queries on Product Hunt. Several makers are tackling the email problem and consumers (at least early adopter) seem willing to try new apps, but it's also a competitive graveyard. What encouraged you to enter this market, @amibendavid? P.S. Awesome video πŸ˜„
@rrhoover Ryan, so many people try to fix email, because on the one hand it's such a huge part of our digital lives, and on the other, it's such a pain. I think all the mail apps I have seen are trying to help users "manage" email. We just want to cut it down to size. Once we realize that time is the most important thing to us, we understand that the polite thing to do is NOT to write long polite and complicated emails - the really considerate thing to do is to be brief and to the point. Because we all have a life. If we get there - email is suddenly an amazing communication tool.
Great idea, but not sure why a Google-centric email app is launching on iOS first (or, possibly, only).
I like the focus you are trying to bring to email. Downloaded!
I wish I had an iPhone...
Thanks Steve, we thought the Like would be a small feature, but actually it's one of the most used ones. On Signature, coming up in the next version.