Tisane API

Detect hate speech, cyberbullying, and more in 27 languages

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2018

Harness the power of next-generation AI to extract more from text in 27 languages: detect hate speech, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, extract topics, and find not just whether, but also why the customer is happy or unhappy with your product or service.

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  • David Kofoed WindCEO at peergrade.io

    Sounds really promising with multi-language support


    Doesn't work at all.

    The demo doesn't work but throws an error. Can't get the Python version to run either. The documentation is poor. There is no automatic language detection (if it worked).

    Seems like a perfect example of a great technology hidden in a really poor product package. Why not use one the API marketplaces for something like this?

    David Kofoed Wind has used this product for one day.


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Ana Topoljski@ana_topoljski · Social Media Manager at LOOP
Hi Makers of Tisane API! Is the Slovene language also available?
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
@ana_topoljski Awesome to see a Slovenian around here 😄 👋
Ana Topoljski@ana_topoljski · Social Media Manager at LOOP
@owenfar1 Thanks! We might be a small country, but I do get the feeling that we do find our way around here!😀😇
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
@ana_topoljski Oh for sure ☺️ I'm coming from an even much smaller country, and having moved to Slovenia, I have to say it's lovely, and people here are open and welcoming! See you hunting around 🙌
Ana Topoljski@ana_topoljski · Social Media Manager at LOOP
@owenfar1 Yes, indeed, that is how we are😉Happy hunting and upvoting😎
Vadim BermanMaker@vadimberman · CEO, Tisane Labs
@ana_topoljski Hi Ana! Sorry, no Slovene yet. Having said that, the effort of adding a new language is within a scope of a small to mid-size project, so we'll be happy to start a conversation and evaluate your needs / effort. You can go via our Contact Form or directly to me (vadim dot berman at tisane dot ai).
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
I love the idea. This is really cool if you want to have a commenting system, and would like to be warned about some spam or hatred comments 👏 👌
Vadim BermanMaker@vadimberman · CEO, Tisane Labs
@owenfar1 Thanks, Owen. Yes, this is exactly the idea. There are several ways to integrate the API. Probably the most "diplomatic" one is to evaluate a comment before it's posted and let the person know if they "overstepped" the boundary. Less fights, less privacy invasions.
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
@vadimberman Saved in my collections and bookmarked! Awesome, keep it up 🙂
Sam@recon · Full Stack
Really interesting product, and I'd love to use this for a product at somepoint. However, it doesn't seem the most accurate at the minute. I've used the demo and it wasn't picking up a lot of what I was saying. I'm looking forward to seeing this grow!
Vadim BermanMaker@vadimberman · CEO, Tisane Labs
@recon Thanks, Sam! There is, of course, lots of room for improvement, and like any other product, it will improve over the initial level. The general idea with the abuse detection though is to pick enough to deter potential offenders; just like the police does not aim to catch every criminal, there will be always someone to slip through the cracks. We don't aim to reach the "clean room" level, more like to help make the discourse more human.
Siranush Hovhannisyan@siranush_hovhannisyan
Vladimyr Yeremenko@chellius · DevOps engineer
A couple of years ago I was looking for something similar, I did not find it( Great idea, success!