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TipList makes it easy to create a guide to your favorite places. Quickly add your favorite tips for any place and public for everyone to enjoy.
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I initially launched the project 7 years ago. Here's the TechCrunch article from the initial launch. But time has taken a toll, especially since it was originally built on the Foursquare API. It's been broken for years. But because of my love for travel, I have an irrational love for this project, so I hated to see it sit there broken. Yesterday, I decided to rebuild it from scratch. Zero code reused. Here's what I got done in a day. I still need to finish: • Itinerary builder (putting tips in a specific order so you can lead someone from here to there) • Login with Twitter • Easier way to pick place photos • Map view (duh) There are definitely some rough edges, but I'd love for the community to take a look, create a list, and find some bugs for me 😊
@mulligan congrats on the launch!!
I loved TipList in its first incarnation and am so excited that @mulligan has brought it back! I’m looking forward to not having to maintain a bunch of travel recommendation Google Docs cribbed from emails anymore.
I really like the low bar for getting a location up and into the individual tiplist. I can put together a quick set of points of interest without getting encumbered by the sheer amount of data the app is asking for or a cumbersome interface. I like it - great work!
This is fantastic. I don't know how, but the images are spot on! https://www.tiplist.com/honolulu...
@ericnakagawa It's a mixture of AI and ML and autonomous driving and fintech plus a little FOMO and wellness smart home
@ericnakagawa @jose_llorens no, it can't be trusted.
Hey there, I liked the idea of people sharing their best experiences!