Tip anyone, anywhere

No offense to the creators this sounds like it's from The Onion. "With Tip.ly you can tip anyone, anywhere simply by taking a picture of their smiling face." I'd much rather not tip someone than ask if I can take their picture and put it on the Internet. Awkward. P.S. I respect those that try new, sometimes socially awkward ideas.
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@rrhoover Ha it totally does sound like something from The Onion
"By using Tip.ly’s secure server to take a photo of the person receiving the tip and submitting the desired monetary amount, individuals can tip their service professionals, even if they are not currently registered with Tip.ly. The recipient has 14 days to log in to any camera-equipped device to submit their photo and bank details to safely collect their payment." Very intriguing concept. I think the success of Tip.ly would be mostly dependent on the willingness of tipees to accept a new digital form of payment rather than cold, hard cash.