The easiest way to build a great company culture

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Love the idea and the approach! Trying it out today
let us know if you need any help @ericskiff
let us know if you need any help @ericskiff
We use Tinypulse in the HubSpot product team for team surveys and thanking peers. It has been great for soliciting team feedback on how we can improve. And I wrote about how we publicize sharing cheers with the team: http://product.hubspot.com/blog/...
This is perfect! Do the questions differ/can the responses be separated at all for different departments?
@monroechabrier . There is a new question each week from our bank of tested questions or you can ask your own custom question. You can segment the responses by department as long as there are 5 or more people to protect anonymity. Ping me if you need more info.