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The best alternatives to Tinygain are Productive for iOS , Morning Routine 3.0 and SceneCam ◉ AR Camera. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

Best alternatives to Tinygain
The data onboarding platform

  • Productive has all the tools you need to build a routine of positive, life changing habits. Build good habits. Organize your life.

  • Start your day in the right foot! Morning Routines are super powerful because they remove the decision making out of your mornings, so you can get more done, quicker. It's the small things in life that matter, ...See more

  • Create amazing videos with the power of augmented reality right from your phone! Add like effects like floating bokeh or falling snow, 3D Text and emojis. Create your scene, shoot a video and share with your f...See more

  • Momentum is everything you need to get motivated, stay on track, and accomplish your goals.

  • Create or join accountability groups and start tracking your habits. Compete for the consistency leaderboard to stay motivated and accountable. It's time to have fun achieving your goals!

  • Pillow is the best sleep tracker app for your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to help you uncover the scientifically proven benefits of good sleep

  • Tona is the definitive workout app. Record, connect, compete and repeat. With your friends or on your own, whatever your workout type.

  • iOS app that schedules your day into key tasks

  • Daily rituals from the world's top performers

  • FitHero can be your notepad in the gym. It helps you track your workouts and progress in a simple way.

  • Pentazemin is not just a ToDo app. This is more like an app for time management. There are a lot of ToDo apps and timer apps for Pomodoro Technique as well. Pentazemin is the app combined ToDo management with P...See more

  • Form new habits, follow existing ones. Find time for them in your tight schedule. Log emotions, feelings and thoughts. Track progress and don't forget your everyday duties and deadlines. We build tee to make yo...See more

  • Everything you need to achieve your fitness goals: prefilled workout databases that are filterable by equipment & fitness levels, exercise & nutrition logging, calendars, and more.

  • I wanted the design to be very clean and iOS like but without making sacrifices in terms of functionality. Since March 2018 I've been tracking every single workout with Iron and when I got home after each worko...See more

  • Workouts enables you to track your workout progress by date or grouped by week/month/year to make it easier to see your progress over time. It also offers a more visual way of displaying your workouts to furthe...See more

  • Strongify is the easiest workout tracker app. Enter the number of reps and the weight you lifted in just a few taps. Create any exercises that you want and track your progress over time. Set up now the gym rout...See more

  • You put in a ton of effort when you're working out. Quantile helps you celebrate your success by putting your workouts on your Home Screen with a collection of beautiful workout widgets.

  • StepWorld is social and lets you share your steps together with your family, friends, and the world! See how you compare with others around the world with daily and monthly leaderboards to encourage yourself an...See more

  • FitBuddy is an easy to use workout tracker and weight lifting fitness planner

  • Fit commit is an AI based workout tracker The app starts with built-in workout sessions. During a workout, the app opens a camera to track the workout activity. This activity is logged once performed.