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Ugh, I really want this, but was disappointed it linked to a Kickstarter page. This is the type of item I'd order in an instant if I could get it tomorrow, however I'm not going to put a deposit down and hope it ships in 6 months time. Respectfully, it just looks simple enough to get to market sooner. Best of luck with this product - I love the concept - but get this available for purchase sooner, and I'll buy one.
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@ferdeline same. This would be very useful
@ferdeline Hi Ayden. Glad to hear you really want it - we appreciate the feedback! It really comes down to the fact that we really didn't want to over promise - as many do on Kickstarter. The product has quite a few moving parts and to deliver a quality product will take a little time to get right - I have 15 years experience in consumer product design and manufacturing so we're really confident we'll be up and running as soon as we can. We'd like nothing more than to be able to get it to you sooner - and if we can we will!
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@ferdeline Sadly this is my feeling for anything I see on here that goes to a kickstarter. I would love to purchase it, but don't want to deal with the BS of a kickstarter project.
@ferdeline agreed. I use a griffin riser now that has nothing on this.
Hi again. I'm happy to announce we are live on Kickstarter and back on Product Hunt with the next generation of the Tiny Tower. We have relaunched following the feedback we got from our first campaign. V2.0 is an improved product - thinner when folded, lighter and now in 4 colours. Happy to answer any questions of course! Cheers - Matt
The fold-down portability of this is absolutely the feature that makes this. Nice, clean, simple, matte metallic designs, are great - but the ability to very easily take this anywhere makes this worth purchasing, rather than just sticking a few Rand novels underneath it to git-r-done.
@elizabethhunker Thanks Elizabeth. Yes old book and magazines are one of our biggest competitors! We think the Tiny Tower looks a little more finished ;)
@elizabethhunker Best use of Rand novels I've ever heard.
Fantastic! I've been looking for a solution like this. I believe it would also work well on a plane. Because you are much closer to your laptop in an airline seat, the strain is even worse. Have you tested the Tiny Tower on a plane yet?
@stephenchip Hi Stephen - thanks for your feedback! The Tiny Tower is probably not going to be ideal on a plane - unless you're flying up the front ;) Because the Tiny Tower elevates the screen the seat in front will likely interfere with your screen position, especially if that seat is reclined backwards. Ergonomically speaking the best solution in economy/coach is probably a tablet attached to the rear of the seat in front if possible.
Great jobs guys! Love the portability of it. Congrats btw you already reached your goal! Cool to see good projects succeding. Question: does your product improve in any way my laptop cooling? Can I consider it as a passive cooling pad?
@quentin_malgaud Thank you and yes! Air will flow freely all around your laptop when it sits on top - much more so than when it sits directly on a desk or table.