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Hello Product Hunt friends! So I’ve had a problem for the past few years. I build tons of little side projects and fun websites but I’ve had no good way to keep track of how these sites and apps do over time. I have no desire (or budget) to subscribe to a service, set up tokens, configure a whole dashboard and invite team members for each little site I build or new feature I put out. I wanted something super basic, that I can run for a fixed period of time that sends me sequential reports rather then me having to remember to login and check up on things. https://tinystats.co/ So, Tiny Stats. A simple, intuitive, automated analytics solution. There are no credentials to remember, no dashboards to set up, nothing to signup for and we don’t sell the data. Everyone gets a free week to try it out and if they’d like to extend or expand the reports they can do so with one time purchases, much like how domains work. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now as I test out the report timing and functionality and I have to say it’s pretty nice to wake up on a Sunday morning with a friendly little text message detailing how my sites did last week. If the project sounds interesting give it a whirl and if you’ve got suggestions for stats or features you’d like to see I’d love to hear!
Ha. Thats the first time i see the concept of "invisible apps" adopted to a web service. Keep going!
Great idea! I spin off lots of little side projects and my Google Analytics dashboard is a mess. This could be really useful.
@onedurr Awesome! Be sure and hit me up with any thoughts or suggestions. It's good, but I hope to make it better.
Got my first update today - looks great! Couple thoughts - 1. Put URLs up top so I can quickly identify which site the report is for 2. AND/OR, let me "name" the report with a short friendly name to view up top 3. I didn't see any referrer info - perhaps these were all direct hits? 4. Would be nice to have a "share" URL that shares the stats image, and links to my referral code
@onedurr These are all great ideas! 1. SHIPPED 2. (see 1.) 3. It's likely they were direct hits. Referrer data is definitely working on my end though it's up to the browser and server to include that data when a page loads. I can only get what is already there. 4. SHIPPED! (https://stats.diet/report/demo/p...) Right now it shares the entire report. If there are requests for it I'll also include a quick link to just share the image url.
This looks really cool. I think I'd be more inclined to try it if I knew what pricing will look like after the first week - I'm not seeing it on mobile. The service certainly looks like it could address a need on my end. Congrats on the launch!
@brendonto Yeah I've heard that from a couple folks. Will probably be adding that over the next couple days. For reference it's $14 +2 weeks, $39 +3 months, $98 +1 year. Thanks for checking it out!
Awesome work Tyler and Jordan! Excited to give this one a spin :)
Thanks @charleyma! Your support means a lot.