Tiny Mix

NPR Tiny Desk — mixed up, one song at a time.

This one-page project logs the start and end times of individual songs in a Tiny Desk performance and fades random song into random song so you can listen to Tiny Desks like a radio station. Great way to passively find new favorites or listen to old favorites.
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I pulled this together as a quick weekend project for myself, since I often find myself wanting to passively listen to Tiny Desk Performances, but not necessarily commit to full sets or actively find another one to listen to afterwards. This project lets me set it and forget it, with a couple bells and whistles like fading out before the next song. I'm finding that I certainly have favorite tracks, and others I'd prefer to skip, so I'm thinking about databasing the song data and building out playlists features. Is this something you might use? Are there other features you would want to see exist? Hope a few of you find this useful! And if you're not familiar with NPR's Tiny Desk in the first place, well, you're one of today's lucky 10,000.
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Okay this is seriously cool! Love Tiny Desk performances but can never commit to a full artist's performance. Thanks for making this @dan_mesa!
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Thanks, @calum!
Love this. Fun project 🔥🙌
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