Tiny Broadway

Virtual kids platform to learn puppetry, drama and musicals

Tiny Broadway is a live virtual play-date platform that connects kids with accomplished actors, singers, and puppeteers who teach through immersive art. Parents sign up their kids for play-dates with performers of their choice. Play-dates take place on Zoom.
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This is awesome! I have a ton of friends with toddlers and Covid 19 has forced them to come up with creative ways to keep their kids engaged and learning. Virtual playdates and birthday parties have become really common really quickly....and I know for a fact that teachers are struggling to adapt to this new normal. I think Tiny Broadway can create a really interesting example of how to create fun and engaging experiences for kids, while instilling in them a love for the arts! Parents are going to love this!
What was the inspiration behind the idea? As someone who grew up influenced by instruments and musicals, I think this is really interesting!
@chris_nguyen3 Thanks, Chris! Honestly, I've often asked the question how do we develops empathetic, compassionate and *happy* adults of tomorrow. Ever since I was 14 I was amazed at the role theatre had on helping me learn. Especially when it comes to learning different points of view (putting yourself in another person's character). I saw that emotion come full circle when I saw how kids reacted to Hamilton, the play. I believe that art education is as important as STEM education. Research supports that exposure to art and theatre helps boost children's social emotional learning. I also believe strongly that artists are the cornerstone of culture and it is important to support them during these trying times. With Tiny Broadway's platform ,we hope to provide a magical connection between kids, parents and artists. Let's see where it goes :)
Thanks, Neil! The way we see it, kids have a ton of options for online coding classes/stem education but not many options that help develop them emotionally. We’re hopeful kids will learn important soft skills through our play-dates to help them become empathetic and compassionate adults of tomorrow.
Anisa - this is amazing and as someone who has been watching you build from the ground up, I’m in awe of the impact Tiny Broadway has already made. Seeing the stories on Tiny Broadway Instagram of how kids are connecting through these play-dates blows me away. You can count me as your super fan!
@uros_miljkovic You're the best!! Thank you :)
My 5 year old son loves these playdates! They're engaging and actually holds his attention for a full hour so I can have a break! I'm glad that he's able to have social interaction even though he physically can't right now. These playdates benefit both of us and I'm looking forward to the next one!
@dolly_audit Dolly - we're so grateful you made our amazing logo that helps capture the essence of what we do ;)