Tiny Beautiful Things

Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar

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A friend who I trust recommended this book (adapted from an advice column on Rumpus, which was written anonymously by the bestselling author Cheryl Strayed) and holy shit did I love it. It's amazing. This is not a random smattering of advice. This book contains some of the most cogent insights on life, pain, loss, love, success, youth that I have ever seen. I won't belabor the point: read this book.
@ryanholiday i couldn't get much into Wild, but i absolutely loved this book. I'm trying to get Cheryl here to do an AMA
@Ryanholiday -- Was I the friend in question? :) I've been gifting this book a ton. It's amazing.
@bencasnocha It was someone I went to high school with believe it or not. But just a stunningly good book.
One of my all-time favorite books. @ryanholiday is spot on.