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TinkerTool is pretty cool and free, but nothing beats the excellent Awesome OS X Command Line github page that has all the settings and command you'll ever need. Open the Mac's terminal, copy and paste the command and you're done. Check: https://github.com/herrbischoff/...
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@t55 Eh - different strokes for different folks. Sure, the command line one is exhaustive, but there is a calming elegance to just being at to toggle stuff on and off visually.
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@jesse_wallace I would argue that there is much more of a "calming elegance" when using the terminal, but to each his own. This is a great product.
If it can make apps close when you click X, fill the screen when you maximize a window, I'm sold
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TinkerTool is a great tool to tweak some settings on your Mac that can make life just that little bit better. For anyone running the macOS Sierre Developer Preview or Public Beta, there is a preview available for you too: https://www.bresink.com/osx/0Tin...
Nice find. Installing this now. My favorite so far: "Disable the animation when opening windows." I wish I could do this for my iPhone to speed it up.
@rrhoover You can! iPhone settings: General: Accessibility: Reduce Motion.
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Very cool - a much more robust tool than the Arthur one posted yesterday and totally free. It's nice to see some people just making free tools for the community.