Tinder Smart Profiles

Use your job and education to snag a date

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Not only are they doing matching based on where you went to school or work, but you can also get your own web profile!
Dimo Trifonov
Dimo Trifonov@denull · Founder of @feeld
@chrismessina Pretty impressive​ move. I guess they after the league, next is to let couples in :D
dc@duccioc · textranch founder
when will be available a/b test for photo profile? :P
Ben Basche
Ben Basche@basche42 · Product @ Multichoice
Tinder hearing Bumble's footsteps
Courtney Bolton
Courtney Bolton@courtneybolton · UX | Design, research, innovation.
I like their "you asked, and we listened" angle. web profile was super easy to set up - https://www.gotinder.com/@bolton
Shahab Shabibi
Shahab Shabibi@shahab_21 · Co-Founder & CEO @ Machine Ventures
Curious if the web profile is indexed by Google.
Filipe@flpstrri · Graphical Designer
@shahab_21 Thats a good point. You guys know if they are indexed?
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@flpstrri @shahab_21 nope. User-agent: Twitterbot Allow: * User-agent: * Disallow: /@*
Jonathan Badeen
Jonathan BadeenMakerHiring@badeen · Co-founder & CS(trategy)O, Tinder
@shahab_21 We do not currently do anything to promote Google indexing. It may or may not be a consideration for the future though.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
@badeen @shahab_21 time to get a text-to-download form. ;) http://linktexting.com If you put it on those profile pages, you can drive downloads up. esp. w/ smart links.