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Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Not only are they doing matching based on where you went to school or work, but you can also get your own web profile!
Dimo TrifonovHiring@denull · Founder of @feeld
@chrismessina Pretty impressive​ move. I guess they after the league, next is to let couples in :D
dc@duccioc · textranch founder
when will be available a/b test for photo profile? :P
Ben Basche@basche42 · Product Marketing at Layer
Tinder hearing Bumble's footsteps
Courtney Bolton@courtneybolton · UX | Design, research, innovation.
I like their "you asked, and we listened" angle. web profile was super easy to set up - https://www.gotinder.com/@bolton
Shahab Shabibi@shahab_21 · Co-Founder @ Machine Ventures
Curious if the web profile is indexed by Google.
Filipe@flpstrri · Graphical Designer
@shahab_21 Thats a good point. You guys know if they are indexed?
Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@flpstrri @shahab_21 nope. User-agent: Twitterbot Allow: * User-agent: * Disallow: /@*
Jonathan BadeenMakerHiring@badeen · Co-founder & CS(trategy)O, Tinder
@shahab_21 We do not currently do anything to promote Google indexing. It may or may not be a consideration for the future though.
Kumar Thangudu@datarade · Technologist
@badeen @shahab_21 time to get a text-to-download form. ;) http://linktexting.com If you put it on those profile pages, you can drive downloads up. esp. w/ smart links.