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Hello Producthunters! We built Tinbox to solve the issue of "clicktivism" (people clicking, sharing, liking cause-related content online). While at university we were on the clicktivism train like most of our friends. "The Ice Bucket Challenge. That's important, let me like & share!" We knew our liking and sharing was having little impact on the cause. We we were raising awareness, but not much more. We felt powerless. With social media becoming the main way in which people interact with causes, we realised it was a big problem worth solving. How can we build the fundraising tool for the social media era? This is why we built Tinbox! We want to make it so easy for people to support causes that matter to them that they can do it every day. We believe it's a great way for brands to connect with communities, and that it has the power to become the most effective fundraising platform for charities. We're launching this week with our first charity and F500 sponsor in the Bay Area. We want to add more as quickly as we possibly can and have expanded throughout the US before the end of the year. Happy to answer any questions you may have, and would love to hear your feedback Ask away! :)
Great service and idea! Made my first donation today. My daily to-do list just got a new #1 item.
Very impressed by this idea and the app (kudos to the designer!). Tinbox seems like a genius marketing move for companies and a great way for charities to raise money and gain exposure. I'm curious about the third group - users. How do you incentivize them to return to Tinbox every day?
@ewegener1 Hey Erik! Glad you love the design – our designer’s a rockstar :) The answer to your question lies in how every day, there are many triggers around us constantly reminding us of people and causes that need our help (eg. people living on the streets, cause-related posts on Facebook, friends' fundraising campaigns, etc). Most of the time, we register them each time, but we feel powerless and unable to help. Thanks to Tinbox, when people see these triggers around them every day, they now have a simple way they can act (in under 20 seconds). Push notifications also help.
@aguilmineau @ewegener1 Isn't there a progress update after a donation is made?
@mikaelpittam @ewegener1 Yes! Charities have their own app allowing them to post regular on-scene updates to tell you more details about their project and its progress.
@aguilmineau @ewegener1 Oh, I thought we could see a progress update within Tinbox. I would love to share socially that a charity was able to achieve a milestone.
@mikaelpittam @ewegener1 All of the updates are posted within the Tinbox app for you to see of course :) We just built an app on the side Γ  la buffer for them to post to it easily.
Really great idea and a great cause!
@craigzingerline Thanks Craig! Did you manage to give your first dollar?
I run a charity in Puerto Rico. How can you come to the warm Caribbean waters? :))
@gustavoskoff On our way! 🚣 🌞 We have everything ready for you to get started here --> get-tinbox.com/nonprofits. All you have to do is add a set of 4 slides to your fundraising deck about Tinbox and its benefits. Once you get a company to pledge through Tinbox, we'll get you set up :)