Scheduling meetings around the world just got easy

#5 Product of the DayApril 28, 2016
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Hello hunters, we’re excited to announce TimeZoneNinja, a free tool for scheduling calls across multiple time zones. Have you ever been here? You need to set up an emergency meeting with a customer in Chicago, the dev team in Poland and your boss, who happens to be traveling in Asia. You Google your time zones, schedule the call and pat yourself on the back for handling it all so efficiently… until you realize you miscalculated and your company president is stuck on a 2am call. The details may change, but for those of us who work with international teams, the realities are all too familiar. It happened to us too many times, so we decided to put an end to this. Enter TimeZoneNinja! Simply enter the date you want to meet and the locations of your participants, click “Find Best Ninja Time” and presto! It finds a meeting time that works for everyone. Give our Ninja a try and see for yourself how painless international scheduling can be. Tell us what you think!
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@sgiraudie This has happened to me SO many times. Great work solving a super frustrating problem in an elegant way! Love the slider and the "Ninja Hour" feature to avoid "Insanity Hours". Also, ninjas.
@imakestrides : Happy to hear ;) try scheduling your next call on Voxeet. We have ninja 3D Immersive audio as well.
Awesome work
@almackin : Appreciated ;) Let us know if you have any feedback.
Yo guys ! You just saved my life. Literally. Was about time, somebody took the initiative to spare us that pain.
@madiocci : Very happy to hear that ;) Very cool. We were feeling the pain ourselves so we decided to build it ;) You can also schedule your call via Voxeet and experience 3D audio in your next conference call. Don't forget to share feedback.
Amazing! Scheduling 3-or-more time-zone conferences has always been a pain: (double)checking the time in each time zone, getting everybody ready at the right time, and spending the first useful minutes of the call to agree by email on the soft to be used for the call (and, once in a while, apologizing to the poor guy you woke up at 3 AM). Now the whole process is painlessly integrated and allows to concentrate on what really matters.
@francois_dupont_metayer Thanks! Love to hear that we're not the only ones to experience this issue :)
Just in time! I really need such tool.