Instant calendar analytics for busy managers

Timewise gives a detailed report of how you spent time at work and meetings in the past 6 months. In just one click, it helps you understand how much time you spent with clients, 1-1s with reports, team huddles etc.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Amazing idea and great job. Congrats on the launch!
@oliverriechert Thank you oliver for the kind words!
Getting an error thrown when connecting with my google cal.
@iamshief Hi Chris! Yeah looks like there are some edge cases e.g. 0 events in calendar etc where some users are reporting error - the logics break and hence the error comes up. Trying to work on a fix for that. Thanks for reporting, much appreciated
Hi everyone and thanks Kevin for hunting us 🙌 Timewise was something that came out of a huge personal problem of me trying to be more productive at work. I did analysis of my meetings and calendar manually for almost a few months and surprise surprise (not really!) there was a clear corelation between where I spent my time and what output came out. I was also parallely learning to code, and it has been a very fun and empowering journey to see this go out in the wild. Feel free to ask us any questions, or even any custom requirements if you might have to analyse your calendar! ✌️✌️@amarora90 Timewise can help you do some stuff like: 📅Exhaustive analysis of calendar 📊See how you compare with peers ✅No extra logging required 🔒100% privacy first
Looks great !
@adi_ida Thanks Adi! :)
Looks like a great product. I tried registering but am getting this after authenticating with Google: "Oh no, an error happened!". My Google account mandates 2FA. Wonder if that is why?
@joetannorella Hi Joe! That sucks.. Let me figure out a way to debug this - I am not storing any data in backend because I wanted to keep it privacy first and everythings happening at run time. Please gimme a few minutes to figure this out. Cheers! I see that you signed up via crowdcube, right?
@adityarao310 thanks. Yes that’s the email I signed up with 👍