Timewarp keeps you focused & encouraged with kind reminders

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Hi ProductHunt, thanks @Bramk for the invite so I can finally join the conversation! Two years ago I found myself opening and closing Facebook every 5 minutes, even when there were no new post to look at. Now I know I was 'Hooked'. (It's a great book btw). To break that trigger I built Timewarp so every time I open Facebook or Youtube it displays a quote or redirects me to another site, like HackerNews or ProductHunt! I hope it can help more people stay focused and motivated by reprogramming their 'internal triggers' to do something more meaningful and positive! Love to hear your feedback!
This is exactly what I need! And I do appreciate the "kind reminders" bit because the last thing I want is some control freaky extension. :X
@v4violetta Great to hear that! I believe positive reinforcement is better than 'punishment'. Also software should not make people feel guilty. :-D
Wish it was avail on Safari... Would've loved to use it!
@batraatin Thanks for the suggestion. It's on my list! Supporting Safari is a little trickier than Chrome because it doesn't seem to support cloud storage of user settings, so you'd have to set it up on every machine. But I guess I could always begin with an local storage version :-D
Dude, you have no idea how much time this will save me. Thank you!
@ddmirolli Haha thank you!
This is a super useful tool for quick redirects and limiting involuntary clicks. Great work!
@naveenaly Appreciate your kind words! Cheers!