Timeular 2.0

Track, understand and improve how you work.

#4 Product of the DayApril 08, 2019
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Timeular makes it super simple to track your time at work and to understand what you could improve so you have more time for the important things.
No matter if you use only the app or our cool physical Tracker too, it's super simple and fun.
  • Just S
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Simplicity. Beautiful design (both hardware and software). Good value. Supports many devices/OS's


    Maybe make the setup easier, one-click. More/better integrations along the lines of Clockify or Timely.

    I was an early backer of Timeular from Zei in October 2016. The idea is a perfect combination of analog and digital with the excellent tactile element of a physical product. This is the modern hourglass only multi-dimensional and digitally connected. The ease of use is great. The aesthetic of both the device and the software is beautiful. The best compliment that I can give is that the product has continually evolved and improved. Not an easy task when coming from a crowdfunded beginning.

    Just S has used this product for one year.
  • Nat Eliason
    Nat EliasonFounder of Growth Machine

    This is the best productivity device I've found, nothing else really comes close.


    None honestly, I love it

    I've tried basically everything for productivity, and while there are many other great time tracking tools out there, this is the best. Something about the manual action of starting to track, plus having a physical visual cue for what you're supposed to be doing, is unmatched by the other solutions to this problem.

    Nat Eliason has used this product for one month.
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Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
Hey Hunters, Wouldn't it be cool to work fewer hours, accomplish the same or even more and have more time for your most important things? That's what Timeular is here for. We've built a super simple and fun solution to track and understand how you're spending your time so you can improve week over week. Here are the main things that changed: - The weekly view is the all-new calendar-like appearance of Timeular. - It shows you a whole week of time tracking at a glance and gives you a great overview of how you spend your time. - Zooming allows you to adjust the level of detail you want to get on your data from birds-eye view to being every minute of your time. - Creating and editing time entries has become very fast and seamless. - Starting/Stopping/Switching your time tracking is now way easier and running time entries can be edited. - Timeular can now handle collisions in your timeline and make sure you reach the state of your timeline you want. - The status of your Tracker is now always visible so you can be sure what’s going on. Timeular 2.0 is the result of >10.000 feedback messages but we're not done yet. We would love to hear your feedback and improve Timeular even more. As a little thank you for your time spent on sharing your feedback with us, we have a special offer for you today. Just use the code "producthunt20" on the cart page to get a one-time 20% discount on all products. Make your time count!
Azam Khan
Azam Khan@azamkhan · Co-Founder @ Distru
@ttrauser Can this pull information from Google Calendar or do we essentially track this in parallel to an event in Google Calendar but instead of Google Calendar having a pre-filled slot, this would show the ACTUAL usage right?
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
@azamkhan basically you track this completely without any connection to the Google Calendar but you can then subscribe to the time entries feed in Google Calendar to see your actual usage and planned calendar events in parallel. Here are some more details how to do so: https://support.timeular.com/int...
Bernd Kampl
Bernd Kampl@berndkampl · Android Developer, iTranslate
Sweet! Love companies that listen to how their users use their product <3
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
@berndkampl thank you for your comment. If there is anything still missing please let us know here or at feedback@timeular.com
Finally, a tracker there is Physical! I trried apps but there are so inconvenient. Looks awesome, cant wait to Buy mine!
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
@stoefert do it today and make sure to use todays discount code "producthunt20" at the checkout ;) If there is any feedback let us know here or at feedback@timeular.com
I've Just placed an order - can't wait for my Timeular to arrive!
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
@ruel_taylor Great to hear! I hope you used todays discount code "producthunt20"? If not, let me know. If you need help getting ready you'll find help at support.timeular.com
Paweł Weremiuk
Paweł Weremiuk@pawel_weremiuk
Using it from kick starter release - super fun. App is a gold, but support is even goldier!
Manuel Bruschi
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser · Make your time count.
@pawel_weremiuk :) thanks, I'll forward that to our amazing support team!